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FlashHoops is committed to transforming the education landscape by offering an innovative app that combines the power of math learning and basketball.
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This unique program aims to improve math test scores while promoting physical activity among students in grades 3-5. By integrating academic excellence and sports engagement, we aspire to uplift youth in both academic and physical aspects of their lives.

Enhance Math Proficiency

The primary goal of our app is to foster math proficiency among students by providing personalized and interactive learning experiences.

Improve Physical Activity

We aim to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle through coach led basketball drills that students actively mirror while using the app.

Increase Test Scores

We strive to increase math test scores and overall academic performance by tracking student progress over time through a progressive math sequence aligned with state specific math standards for grades 3-5.

Foster Holistic Development

Our project seeks to nurture well-rounded individuals by encouraging the harmonious development of academic and physical abilities.

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Made by teachers, FlashHoops' educational content is aligned to your standards and covers skills seen in elementary and middle school grade levels.

Student engagement

FlashHoops' game-based format turns assessments into exciting physical exercises, replacing test stress and anxiety with fun gameplay that inspires a love of learning.

Teacher Complement

FlashHoops aims to support educators and provide a fun activity to pair with your in-class curriculum.

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